Saturday, 3 March 2012

Yankee Wax Tarts-One of My Favourite Things

This is a post dedicated to one of my absolute favourite things: the Yankee Candle Wax Tart.

Anybody who knows me well will probably already know how much I love these things, and indeed may well have been presented with one at Christmas or some other gift-giving occasion. My aim is to spread these as far and as wide as I can!

I remember smelling some of Yankee candles in a garden centre and thought Midnight Jasmine was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever smellt. They were quite pricey though so I noted instead for my Christmas list. Fast forward a few months and I'm in Broadstairs. I go into a shop where they sold the wax tarts. I thought they were mini candles at first, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who's done this, looked for a wick and thought I'd got a damaged candle. Further investigation and I realise I have a wax tart in my hand!

To use you place the tart in a dedicated wax tart burner, or I just use an old oil burner which can be cheaply obtained, then light an unscented tealight below.

I've experimented with oils, incense sticks and countless scented candles...but Yankee tarts are by far the best way I've found to scent a room. The frangrances are so lovely and the fragrance is strong enough to scent a room. When I had Midnight Jasmine in my burner, I might briefly leave the room and return and it was literally like walking into a summer's garden. They'd be excellent to add atmosphere to parties, weddings, dinner parties...

Their scents are updated seasonally so there are also new ones to try. I love browsing the list and reading the description of the scent, even though it makes me want to buy them ALL!! My favourites at the moment are Nature's Paintbrish (which was my Christmas fragrance) and Clean Cotton. They only cost 99p-£1.25 (depending on where you get them from) so are definitely easy to treat yourself to one...or ten.

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