Friday, 2 March 2012

Nine Things About Me

I started something similar a while ago here, then my laptop left me to be repaired so I didn't complete it. This version I have borrowed fromYvonne. Let's see if my laptop lasts long enough for me to complete the challenge.

Nine Things about me

1) I'm obsessed with dogs, even though I've never owned one. I once abandoned my sister in the middle of Broadstairs to follow three Border Collies. Apparently she turned around and I had "just vanished".
2) I love crisps and roast beef Monster Munch have been my favourite crisps since I was young.
3) I'm a crochet addict and take crochet with me everywhere. I will crochet in tea breaks, at the bus stop (now it's light!), after dinner at people's houses. I feel weird if I'm sitting still and don't have a hook in my hand.
4) I have never grown out of car sickness and the worst thing about being without a car is that I now have to take travel sickness tablets everywhere.
5) My favourite words are halcyon, ethereal, efflorescence and plethora.
6) Unless I'm kept awake by noise (or the occasional disrupted routine) I sleep like a baby.
7) I read travel brochures.
8) I like to spend time in cemetaries because they always have wonderful trees.
9) I have visited quite a few places, some of which I really loved and will visit again (Venice, Barcelona)...but my favourite place in the world is actually my home, Kent. I do not think I will live anywhere else. Kent has more castles than any other county in England. It has the sea, lighthouses, cliffs, picturesque towns and villages, forts, ruins, woods, a little forest, twisty-turny country lanes, rivers, bridges, a Paladian church, a Gothic cathedral, hills, orchards and marshes. It has the most beautiful gardens. It never gets too cold. In 30 minutes you can be in london, in 2.5 hours you can be in Paris. Kent has green, green grass, white cliffs, gardens of pink, red, purple and yellow, golden sand and grey stone castles....


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