Thursday, 22 March 2012

Always, always, always the sea

One of my favourite places is Greenwich. I was last there in November and visited the National Maritime with its beautiful model ships, the Painted Hall and ended the day in Greenwich Park overlooking Canary Wharf at dusk.

There's is a strong maritime theme in Greenwich-anchor and shell motifs, paintings of Neptune, shops selling nautical instruments and so on are everywhere- which I really like.

Here are some photos of things I love in Greenwich, starting with the amazing war ships.

There were a few museum exhibitions missing from the last time I went but it is still a wonderful place to walk around. After the ships, my favourite section of the museum is the one decdicated to artwork inspired by the sea. My favourite painting:

We visited the market, which is interesting to walk around but be warned: the vintage/flea markets have become very popular and the prices reflect that.


Greenwich is full of restaurants. Mexican is particularly well represented, which suits me fine as I love Mexican food. Lunch was had in Cafe Sol.

At dusk we headed to Greenwich park to get some photos of Canary Wharf illuminated.

The lamps on the gates of Greenwich park

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to visit the fan museum which is an excellent museum of hand fans. The is a large display of some beautiful intricate fans. Their website is here

There is an orangery in the museum which does afternoon tea for just £6-good value enough but I would happily pay twice as much to sit in the orangery which looks like this:

Hopefully the summer which present another opportunity to visit Greenwich

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