Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day Four-7 Things I Think of Often

This will be a strange list. I think of much and little. It also depends what is going on in my life at that time.

1) Food. I walk around fantasizing about lunch/dinner/new recipes. Nachos, takeaway curry and anything with crispy potatoes and cheese dominate my fantasies.

2) Book characters. I try to imagine what Claudia Hampton, to give one example of a character, would do if she were me or I were her .Somebody once said they could see me as a heroine in a book. Sometimes I wander around and pretend I'm in a book and wonder how I would be described at that moment in time , or how situations I am in would be written.

3) I'm trying to watch more films so at the moment I'm often remembering a film I need to add to my Lovefilm Rental List.

4) Other people. I wonder what X who is nearby is doing, and Y who is far away is doing. I look for clues about customer's lives-make of clothes to guess class and level of fashion consciousness, wedding ring, jewellery and other indicators of character and personal taste.

5) Music. I always have a song in my head and one of the highlights of my day, every day, is sitting on the bus and listening to music.

6) Places I've been and places I want to visit. I often imagine myself arriving by boat in Venice at dusk again. Or in Park Guell listening to a busker. On top of a bus in Oxford. Sometimes I imagine sitting on an Asian train, Palin style, writing something wonderful in a notebook. The list is infinite.

7) Things I must google when I get home. What year did that battle happen in? How do you make earrings? At what time of year would it be best to plant that flower? What are EVIL lenses and so forth. Again, another endless list. I'm full of questions

I think of a million things a day, most of which I can't even try to make sound interesting. I hope the next question is better....

Arriving in Venice

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