Monday, 5 March 2012

Day Three-8 Ways to My Heart

If I have translated correctly, the next challenge is to list 8 ways to win my heart....

1) Tolerate my habit to want to take photographs constantly. A trip out with me will take twice as long as it would with everybody else because I will constantly be stopping to look/photograph.

2) Forgive my frequent lateness. I try, really I do but I am easily waylaid. Those who know me well may have realised that while I am often late, the extra minutes are often used to make sure I have packed everything we might possibly need-including babywipes and a cd to play in the car...even an extra cardigan for you because you must surely have forgotten something if you rushed to get here on time.

3) Make mix cds/tapes for me and introduce me to new bands

4) Do not always say "I agree" and "me too". I am happy to enter into an open minded and intelligent discussion with somebody of a differing opinion. In fact, I like people who are different to me.

5) Have an interest in languages/speak a second language.

6) Nothing makes me love more than kindness/thoughtfulness. Offer me a sweet or a lift, pick a daisy for me, remember my favourite breakfast, say something nice about me or something I've done. I never forget a little kindness.

7) If you cook for me, you might be able to just skip all of the above.

8) If you have a strange passion that I do not understand, I am all yours. I love people who are a little enigmatic, a little puzzle for me to work out.

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