Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!! all the mums out there!

I made a phone cover, which my Mum had requested, and completed a cross stitch. I also made my card this year to fit the handmade theme!

The card is in the very popular scrapbook style (I haven't yet learnt to draw!). I don't have many materials so I hope to be able to make some better cards as soon as I get a good collection of scrapbooking materials and stamps :)

The cross stitch is adapted from a C&H pattern (read: I kept screwing the pattern up so improvised) and I changed the colours to make it more red/pink. I was going to add a border but decided the simplicity of the rose and the wooden frame worked well so left it as it was.

My Mum also wanted a cover for her new phone. I happily obliged.

I tried a new stitch called the up and down stitch which creates a really nice texture. A lot of people dismiss crochet in favour of knitting but personally I think crochet has a lot to offer. Admittedly crochet does have its limitations but I actually prefer the range of textured stitches in crochet to those in knitting.

And isn't the yarn beautiful?! It's more blue/grey than it looks in the picture with a sort of pinkish hue. It's Sirdar Click yarn I think. I'm deciding on something special to make using the rest of the yarn ball :)

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