Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day Five-6 Men I Find Attractive

I've spent days avoiding the latest question. I appear to have grown out of crushes. This is an eclectic list and represents my ability to have a crush on someone's brain! In no particular order...

1) Neil Gaiman-because he's intelligent, has a wonderful imagination and I love his books. He's hot too!

2) Faramir. (OK,  perhaps cheating a little as he's a character from Lord of the Rings). Kind, gentle and brave...I imagine he's many women's ideal man.

"He read the hearts of men as shrewdly as his father, but what he read moved him sooner to pity than to scorn. He was gentle in bearing, and a lover of lore and of music, and therefore by many in those days his courage was judged less than his brother's. But it was not so, except that he did not seek glory in danger without a purpose."

3) Neil Oliver-passionate historian with stern eyes, intelligence and, above all, the beautiful Scottish accent. Someone whose attractiveness is not obvious even to myself.

4) Ioan Gruffudd-arguably the most obvious choice for my 'attractive male' list. There's something very neat and symmetrical about his face, like an American film star's. In fact he's from the Welsh valleys and is a native Welsh speaker. The video is of Ioan reciting a poem in Welsh. Enjoy!!

5) Waylander the Slayer. Complex, strong and enigmatic. Ultimately good.

6) Brian Cox-ridiculously intelligent...and nice too! Thanks for bringing astronomy to the masses and for proving that not all professors are dusty old men in tweed jackets and mismatching socks.

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