Friday, 19 April 2013

Dedicated to Alv

I came home to a package from Alv. I thought I knew what was inside...but nothing prepared me for the beauty of the item inside.

Alv had knitted a beautiful lacy shawl for me. It is a thing of shimmering beauty, knitted with a yarn the colour of the sea and skies,  and she might perhaps argue that it wasn't that hard to complete but when I looked at the intricate stitching..I knew that I am very lucky to count Alv as a friend...and that she is generous and thoughtful..because I know I will never reach the standard of knitting which has achieved, I lack the skill, the dedication, the patience. So, yes I am lucky.

I am not very good at wording 'thank yous' instead I shall simply say "thank you Alv" and share these photographs which I took of the shawl.