Gluten/Dairy-free vegetarian recipes

After years of feeling inexplicably nauseous for days at a time I've decided to try a Gluten/Dairy-free diet to find out if a food intolerance could be responsible for many days lost! At certain times of the month it is almost unbearable and I can feel so ill that even getting up and going to work can be difficult.

I'm half hoping for an simple answer which lies in my diet. The other half balks at no cheese or bread, or chocolate or paste or...or...countless other things I love.

As there are usually only 1-2 weeks in which the nausea most commonly strikes, perhaps it would be possible to switch to a gluten/dairy free diet for this period and to eat normally at other times. Perfect.

I am also a vegetarian, (have been since I was very young due to a dislike of meat) which makes no eating gluten and dairy particularly challenging. There are probably countless other vegan recipes/pages...but since I enjoy cooking this page is dedicated to my own.


(I haven't yert learned how to add new posts to a different page.)

Last night I woke up at 2am, nauseous. Like clockwork, my monthly bout of nausea at the end of my period has returned. I'm crushed as I've felt so well, with no stomach problems for weeks. I thought I had nailed the cause of my nausea-some sort of food intolerance. Now I'm wondering if I should bother. I've missed cheese a lot and I think I will cry if I have another rice cake for lunch.

I've read all the internet advice on all day nausea-small meals, ginger, green apples, bla, bla, bla. Yet this is futile. I don't feel vaguely queasy. My stomach twists and turns, till I can barely think straight I feel so sick. Even a sip of water can make me heave. I couldn't even look at a ginger root.

Today is the first day the nausea has taken root, Damn unwelcome guest. I know this could go on for days...and days. Last month I realised that I feel very sick for about 1 week a month-a quarter of my life to be precise. No wonder I've had to pierce on hole on my belt, 6 button spaces tighter than the smallest original hole. I know tomorrow I am going to wake up and feel like awful. I will barely be able to get ready for working, convinced I am going to have to phone in sick as I feel so incapacitatingly awful. The bus journey will be a nightmare and every turn will make my stomach and head ache. Tomorrow at work will be awful.

I'm terrified that the next few days will be ruined and I was so excited about the next few days. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be attending my brother-in-law's gig, Friday I had planned to bake something Christmassy(that will definitely not happen in my current state), Saturday and Sunday are our two busiest days of the year and I can not afford to be ill. And Tuesday is my annual Christmas trip to London which I have been looking forward to for weeks. But everything, everything will be ruined by my stomach.

I am going to sip Andrew's Salts, read a little and try to not get too depressed. I will persevere with the cutback on gluten and dairy (I have generally felt better for it). In the New Year I will return to the Doctor's, give them back their stupid acid-reflux tablets, which they think are the answer to every single stomach problem, and say "for God's sake what the hell is wrong with me?". I need to know...