Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hidden Treasure Chest in Maidstone

Cakes forks and plate

Off Week Street, hiding down a alley is a new vintage/secondhand shop. They sell all sorts of beautiful things: vintage cutlery, china, clothes coats and bags, jewllery...and well all sorts of lovely things. Upstairs, they have furniture. Nothing ancient but I did see a lovely iron hat stand which unfortunately I would not have been able to carry back home. The lady who works there is very nice and told me they get new stuff in every work so it's worth returning regularly as the nice things go quickly.

It's not on the main street and the only clue to its existence is a 'trash or treasure?' chalk board directing you down the alley.

Worth a visit if you're in Maidstone and like the whole old-fashioned/vintage thing. Or if you just want something beautiful but the money tree in your backgarden isn't faring so well this year.

A lovely relative, who likes tea and cakes,  had a birthday coming up so I paid the shop a visit to see if they had anything that would make a present for her. I actually had to make a short list but finally settled on a plate and some cake forks which looked like this!:

Not made in China!

Cake forks

Happy Birthday Harriet!


  1. Great store. Seems to be a real hog pog of different and interesting items for sale. Love the china too but i settled for a totally bargain 1950s racing bike for Mr X's Christmas pressie. He was over the moon. For those looking for Trash or Treasure in Maidstone i would say the easiest landmark is in between the new ghurka restaurant and Mu Mu down the alley way.

  2. Was looking up Trash or Treasure for opening hours and it appears they don't have a site. You are I came across this shop on my way home via Maidstone East. Not sure how i missed it before but it is down an alleyway. My meegre budget didn't allow me to buy much but i was in awe at some of the china mentioned above and general toot that i already have loads of. What Trash or Treasure seem to do well is make things look good. They are fairly priced and they have nice things. That is what everyone wants right? Nice things!
    Oh, i bought a rather aroreable 1930s large tin for £5 which i am sure would have cost treble in London or Brighton. Not sure about the Snarling Stuffed Fox or the Monkey upstairs but it all adds to a different and pleasureable shopping experience. I wish there were more Independants like this. Well done TorT "ha new name for you"