Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Introducing...Miss Aniela, My Favourite Self-portrait Photographer

Perhaps she doesn't need an introduction, I don't know. I don't move in photography circles to know what is, and what isn't hot and pertinent. What I do know is that I love Miss Aniela. A self-taught photographer and based in Brighton (aren't all artists these days?), Miss Aniela (real name Natalie Dybisz) specialises in self-portraiture. In particular 'multiplicity', which is layering images of yourself onto one scene. She does do the most weird and wonderful manipulations but to be honest my favourites are the simpler images.

This beautiful dreamy image was created in an abandoned building

My favourite of her more well-known multiplicity images

As somebody who does not feel wholly comfortable in front of the camera, I find self-portraits quite challenging. Although it's not without joy, I must admit. Having to be both the photographer and the subject throws up quite a lot of interesting difficulties, which a landscape photo doesn't- tripod/furniture in lieu of a pair of hands, self timer, focus, your own perceived inadequacies and so forth. It is also an opportunity to be creative with yourself and as there is no one looking through the viewfinder, it's an excellent chance to cast aside any inhibitions and let yourself go.

I'm thinking of trying some Miss Aniela-style self portraits as portraiture is something I'm interested in experimenting with (alas most people I know seem reluctant to have their photo taken). If the results aren't too disastrous they may even end up here.
She has authored a book in which she shares the secrets behind some of her most famous images:

Her website:


  1. I'm looking forward to what you will come up with. Loved the last photo!

  2. Me too. In fact, they're all so wonderful. I might need to improve my photo editing skills and reinstall Photoshop to do exactly what I want to do. I think anyone could try doing some portraits in her style though *looks at Alv*