Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Homemade Soap

I've been wanting to make my own soap for some time and my Aunt's birthday presented me with the perfect opportunity to try. It's very simple and there are endless combinations of scents, textures and colours to experiment with.

We started with colourless, scentless soap which we melted down

After that it's just a case of deciding what sort of soap you want it to be! You have to work quite quickly as the soap starts to set almost immediately. We used red colouring to make pink soap and added a few drops of honeysuckle essential oil as a nod to summer. To make it a little special we added a few petals from my Dad's hydrangea plant. 
We used rectangular metal dishes to let the soap set, but you could use any shaped metal container, so long as the top is a little wider than the bottom (or you soap won't come out after it has set in the freezer!)

A present for a special Aunt

I need to troubleshoot to find out how to get rid of any air bubbles that surfaced and I also need to be more organised so I can work quickly to get the flowers in before the soap has set. I will definitely be making more soap though. Perhaps a creamy soap with sand or some kind of grain to make an exfoliating soap...

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