Thursday, 4 August 2011

Photoscape 1: Photoshop: 0

Learning to master Photoshop has been on my New Year's Resolutions list for three years in a row. Three years in a row I failed. It probably won't even make it onto next year's list as I have since discovered Photoscape. I know that Photoscape doesn't have the advanced levels of complexity and options Photoshop offers but for an enthusiastic, novice photographer, Photoscape is all I need. I do not have to wonder why curves are called curves and why the sharpening tool is referred to as a mask. Dodge and burn? No wonder the 'Learn Photoshop' text books run into hundreds of pages. I know I won't be able to avoid Photoshop for ever as eventually I will need to use more advanced and more subtle tools however Photoscape has assuaged some of the guilt I felt at not bothering to master Photoshop and its bizarre jargon.

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