Thursday, 18 August 2011

Christmas Starts Early for a Slow Cross Stitcher

My first completed cross stitch. Hopefully I'll get neater as well as quicker. I made a few errors, not least, running out of the correct colour of yellow thread. Also I didn't secure my ends tightly enough at the beginning resulting in some unravelling. Who'd have thought that the threads would be so keen to escape through the holes?

The 12am bells herald my pay day so I'll bypass Smith's tomorrow and purchase graph paper to think about doing some of my own designs which would be a lot of fun and even more satisfying I think

I have another far more exciting cross stitch project lined up too but I'll reveal more later.


  1. My first stitching wasn't with cross stitches, it was some sort of children kit with stitches that should be easy.. But appearantly I managed to screw it up and the rooster looked rather funny after it was finished. The stitches look something like this but on the stitch I made all the stitches were suppose to go from up to down.

    ...And I stitched them in all angles... But, it was kind of charming and I don't think I was more than ten or something, perhaps younger. My first serious cross stitch was a christmas tapestry (is that the correct word? It feels like a tapestry is way bigger than the 30 x 40 cm this was) and when I got bored of it my sister continued and then I finished it. It was crooked and me and my sister stitches our crosses in different ways and... well... I'm surprised that Santa looked so happy on it... :)

    I'm looking forward to your own designs! :)

  2. Those stitches you used for the rooster look more complex than cross stitch! I believe they're called 'satin stitches' in English. I'm still learning about embroidery so I may be wrong. Cross stitch is nice and easy so a good place to start I think.

    My first encoutner was yeeaarrs ago. It wasn't really strictly cross stitch-I briefly went to a craft club after school and our teacher made small bags out of aida material which we did a basic stitch across with brightly coloured quite thick wool. I enjoyed it so much that when I got home I continued, picked the stitches out and redid it..a few times! I don't know why I didn't take it up then to be honest but I guess I was young. I'm quite addicted to it now. I love how you can see the whole thing slowly take shape. Keep seeing so many things I want to cross stitch. I'm going to have to learn to get faster to try to keep up with my ideas. I also need to untangle the huge ball of threads which are in little bag I have so I don't have an internal swearing fit every time I need a new piece of thread.

    Maybe Santa just appreciated the effort you put into it? Cross stitch is quite easy but it still takes a lot of time and patience to complete it so any attempt should be applauded I think.

    And now I must go to eBay to buy some waste aida...