Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Favourite Photograph

I first met this photograph in the Rough Guide to South Africa. I just happened to flick through as I started to shelve it and the page opened on this. I have seen many beautiful photographs, but this one is the only one that has ever paralysed me with its beauty. The light, the colour, the composition, the silhouettes, the mist are all perfect to me. I closed the book and shelved it but I couldn't stop thinking about the photo. It became something that helped get me through the day. If work was particularly monotonous I'd think "I'll put another 20 books out and then have a quick look at the photo". After three days, the book sold to a lady who was in a yoga class I used to go to. I made polite conversation about her forthcoming trip to South Africa and then waved her and the photo off with a cheery "enjoy your trip!".  It was only then, not having the photo within a 10 second walk, that I realised I had never searched the list of photo credits to find out who had even taken it.  I pursued the image on Google with various combintaions of keywords and the Rough Guide website to no avail. The next day I headed to our twin bookshop a street away to see if they had the Rough Guide to South Africa in stock. They did and I stood at the counter looking through the photo credits. I told the bookseller about the photo and she agreed it was beautiful.

The name that was attached to the photo is Yi Lu.

I've done some research on the internet but I couldn't find any biographical information about a photographer with that name. It appears to be a fairly common Chinese name as well which didn't make researching easy. I did however find a page of their images in an image storing website.

I'd like to contact the photographer to tell them how much I loved their photograph and to hear the story behind it. I'll continue searching and update this if I manage to track them down.

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