Sunday, 21 August 2011

Welcome to Our Garden (A Tribute For My Dad)

My summer would be woefully  incomplete without the sounds of our resident gardener-my Dad. The rustles in the garden under my window, the hollow echo of the watering can being filled, snipping and snapping...
These montages are a tribute to my Dad, who always makes sure our garden looks beautiful, and indeed to all the gardeners out there who look after the plants and flowers for me, and others like me, who prefer reading to weeding...

(click on the photos to enlarge!)

In the summer the flowers come alive. Clockwise form top left-a voluptuous hydrangea, scented honeysuckle climbing the trellis by the bench, a rose bush planted in memory of my Mum's parents, a lovely fuschia...

It's not all pretty flowers. A Gothic Romanticism lurks in the darker corners of the garden-angels hide under bushes, a bench with a beautiful metalwork back sits under the honeysuckle, berries grow and a beaded candle holder from Turkey has found a new home in an English garden.

Surprises and humour abound too. Stone creatures, who may or may not come alive at night, sit contentedly in the flower beds and other corners. Gnomes smile cheerily all year round, come rain or shine. The ubiquitous green sets off the beautiful red leaves. A stone wishing well guarded by the tree and a clear blue sky in June.


  1. lovely lovely blog- good luck with the hat :)

  2. Thanks Nina! The hat...I used a hook one size smaller hoping I'd get away with it. I didn't. I also learnt a lesson in the importance of checking tension (the hat could have fit a doll!). I didn't want to be idle while waiting for the hook so I started a scarf, which I have been working on happily every evening...until last night when I ran out of yarn with one row to go (the pattern called for 100g of yarn, which I had, but of a different brand). Luckily my hook arrived while I was working on the scarf so I'll start the hat again today. So I think both of my projects will be ready about the same time :) I'll blog about them both when they're done.