Sunday, 7 August 2011


 They are clearly not in a hurry

Oh, time, that wily escapist. And why did the Romans make the days so damn short. 24 hours? A mere 24 hours! If I could control the clocks today I would:
-finish Lord Foul's Bane (about 400 pages to go)
-drive 6 miles to Hobbycraft to get some yellow thread (I've run out of yellow thread and have only bout 30 stitches to go. Aargh!)
-sit by the river at Teston for a couple of hours to enjoy today's sporadic sunshine
-stop at the petrol station and buy some unsalted butter to bake with
-take a 1 hour nap to undo the damage I cause by insisting on becoming nocturnal at the weekend
-watch Quills
-learn to do neat half treble crochet stitches, learn to turn properly and, master reading those impossible-to-read crochet patterns
-bake my biscuits
-detangle my tangled threads
-collate material for my Book of People (currently scattered in every conceivable nook and cranny in my bedroom)
-then, then make my pizza for dinner (all homemade of course)

Curse time! Curse the internet! Curse Blogspot for making me waste time on spending time!

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