Thursday, 11 August 2011

Corsages From Scraps

While sorting through my Miscellaneous Box (namely old and broken things) I found, amongst many other things, some leftover pieces of green wool, paper flowers and a ring face which had broken off the ring (I had planned to glue it back together but never got around to it). I realised I could probably make some wool corsages as I have quite a lot of wool at the moment so rummaged around for my little loom to make the corsages bodies with.

The green wool has been with me for so long I can't even remember its origins. The ring face has a few pieces missing if you happen to look closely but I think it matches the wool nicely. I added some 'fancy yarn' to break up the green.

The purple wool and sparkly yarn I received from a friend to practice crochet with. I can't remember why I bought the purple flowers. I may not have had a plan in mind, them being purple flowers may have been quite enough to part with my money for.

Brooch backs are stitched into the back of the corsages.

You can never have enough accessories to decorate clothes with...

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