Saturday, 3 September 2011

Handmade Scarf for Iceland

I've been spending quite a few evenings and lunch hours in the park crocheting a scarf for my forthcoming trip to Iceland.

A few weeks ago I had a crochet lesson with a friend and following that I spent a few frustrated hours in front of Youtube with hooks and wool. As soon as I could do neat rows, I decided there was no point in crocheting endless rows which went nowhere so started my first project. I'm going to Iceland in 4 weeks so it seemed like an excellent opportunity to make my own scarf. I chose to make the scarf with colours that make me think of Iceland: blue for the sea and hot springs, grey for the rocks and lava and white for the glaciers and snow.
It took quite a few hours to do (the scarf is about 5 foot and comprised of over 2000 stitches) but I loved every minute and discovered lots of new music as I listened to the radio while working on it.

I've already started planning a new scarf for autumn which will be thinner and made with a lighter, softer yarn - so you can expect more scarves here!

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