Saturday, 3 September 2011

Today's Luck

I believe that everybody has a little luck, even on a terrible day. At the moment I have money worries and my car is broken with at least two problems. I did however manage to get a spider picture I like. I'm very fond of spiders and I'm always trying to get good photos of them sitting in their beautiful webs. The fragility and translucency of a spider's web makes them quite challenging to photograph though.

I've never understood arachnophobia and blame the bad press spiders get which just goes to show how powerful the media is. Once this fear is ingrained in people, they pass it on like a heriditary illness. Maybe it's time to start making films and creating drawings and paintings which show spiders in a more positive light.


  1. I've always had a theory that fear can be passed on in peoples genes, and that the reason for people being so scared of spiders and snakes (for example) is that there is dangerous ones of both kinds in the world.

    I don't know. I often get bit by snakes, but never by spiders. Still I like snakes, but I am dead scared of spiders. Always been. Not that easy on a farm I can assure you. =/

  2. It's not the spider itself that scares me, more the movement of them. First they are in one place and in the blink of an eye they have moved to a completely different place. I think that they have teleporting devices..

    Jumping spiders are so cute!

  3. I would run from some animals too-tigers, cobras for example but I would never run from something that couldn't harm me so I never understand why people get hysterical when they see a little spider. Lots of animals move quickly-snakes for example. Wasps are quite intimidating-I find their movements quite hard to predict-yet they are not villified in the way spiders are. I just don't udnerstand it at all...but then I do not have the phobia of them and phobias are very seldom rational.