Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Farewell to Summer Cupcakes

Waiting for the bus in the morning, there is a distinctly autumnal chill in the air. A smoky scent lurks in the breeze, brown leaves skitter across the grass. Summer is breathing its last. I think that every season has something to offer...but spring and summer are my favourite seasons and I am always very sorry to see them leave. I made some summery strawberry cupcakes and also some orange cupcakes to acknowledge the start of the end of summer.

These are cupcakes flavoured with strawberry. The icing glaze is also strawberry flavoured.

Orange flavoured cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing

The Christmas and Hallowe'en cupcake decorations have already started to arrive in the supermarkets and I'm already plotting themed cupcakes for both...

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