Monday, 19 September 2011

Strange Manx Cartoon

I've found a weird and wonderful Manx language cartoon on Youtube which I've been listening to whilst online.

Manx is a minority language of the Celtic family spoken on the Isle of Man. It is closely related to Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic (with which it is claimed by some to be mutually intelligble with). The language almost 'died' in the 1970s but, as with the other Celtic languages it is being revived by scholars and people are being encouraged to learn the language. According to the 2001 Census 2.2% of the population now have some knowledge of Manx (approx 1,689 people), compared with 1.1% in 1921.

I think the language sounds really lovely and hope the revival continues. I think it should be encouraged to acknowledge your roots and keep your culture alive.


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