Monday, 26 September 2011

The Importance of My Holiday Playlists

I have spent about 6 hours listing, washing and packing for my holiday.

I have spent about 12 hours listening to music, trying to find songs I like for my holiday playlist.

My holiday playlists are very important. They'll become the soundtrack to my trip and evoke a montage of memories of my adventures many, many years later. The Playlist has become something of a holiday ritual for me now. I start hunting for songs weeks in advance, find out if there are any local bands I like, ask for recommendations (thanks to James, Alv, Kevin and Tom who contributed this year) and so forth. The list is at least as important as the clothes and chargers I pack in my suitcase.

There is one rule for the playlist: all songs must be new to me. No old favourites or current iPod playlist players. I think of the playlist as a tabula rasa for all my travelling memories to be imprinted upon-I'm a firm believer that music is one of the best preservers of memories.

The Last Waltz makes me think of dancing around Venice, 505 by the Arctic Monkeys reminds me of landing in LA one night with the whole city lit up and spread out further than I could see. Flamenco reminds me of the orange trees and mosaics of Seville. All of my adventures can be conjured up by a handful of special songs.

There are no rules for what songs can apply. Generally the playlists are comprised of:

  • New songs I have fallen in love with
  • Songs which I wouldn't usually give a chance, but think I could bond with outside of my normal routine
  • Songs which match the country, mood or landscape of the trip
My Iceland playlist is as follows. Most of the tracks are on my iPod (I know a couple Alv recommended are not as the band she suggested is Swedish and I couldn't download the songs easily)

Solefald – Loki Trickster God
Shimmering Stars – I'm Gonna Try
Chapel Club – Five Trees
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks
Foster The People – Waste
Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
Gus Gus – Purple
The Drums – Money
Warpaint – Krimson
Garmarna – Vänner Och Fränder
Garmarna – Gamen
Asobi Seksu – Perfectly Crystal - Beach Fossils / Spirit Animal remix
Wild Nothing – The Witching Hour
The Shins – Spilt Needles
Abney Park – Herr Drosselmyers Doll
Ladytron – Moon Palace
Blood Orange – Can We Go Inside Now
The Drums – In The Cold
The Drums – What You Were
Beach Fossils – Calyer
Bombay Bicycle Club – Bad Timing
Bombay Bicycle Club – Beggars
Zero 7 – Swing

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