Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yarn Hoard

My Preciousssessss

This eclectic collection of  various yarns (cashmerino, colourful acrylics, mohair mixes, wool and Icelandic sheep wool) will be my tight companions over the next few weeks as I attempt to learn to speed crochet to complete various presents, requests and personal projects before the end of December.

Of the two assigned wools, the baby pink cashmerino wool will eventually become a pair of soft lacy mittens to match my new coat. The dark green will hopefully become a hat (should I ever master hats!).

The rest are unassigned as yet (I'm always seduced by a yarn sale) or presents which cannot yet be revealed but may end upon here at a later date in their metamorphosized state.

Where are my crochet hooks?

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