Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fumi-Enigmatic Flower Preserving Jeweller

"People always told me I was eccentric, but I don't think so, I just do whatever I want to do at all times" - Fumi

I became a little obsessed with Fumi after reading about her in a book on lesser-known British artisans.

Fumi creates jewellery and wearable sculptures from real flowers. She preserves them using many layers of resin, over time.

Little is known about Fumi. She moved to Britain about 10 years ago and nothing is known of her life before that. A lecturer at her former University in Huddersfield said of her that she is highly secretive and communicates solely through her work. It is said she avoids all socialising and instead spends all her time in her workshop, with her flowers. After preserving the flowers with resin, they are combined with other materials such as metals, crystals and plastic to create her jewellery.

Her work is unique and incredibly beautiful. The flowers retain their delicacy, transparency and beauty in a way I've never seen in dried flowers

Her website is:

(no idea of prices unfortunately)

I have to say, there's something quite romantic about spending your life in a workshop preserving flowers and I'm now very tempted to purchase some resin!

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