Monday, 28 November 2011

Handmade Phone Crochet Cover

After having 'sold out', to the initial disappointment of friends, I have actually grown rather fond of my iPhone and its myriad features. To safeguard my new phone from my clumsy hands I thought it was a good idea to invest in a cover. Would I really have joined the fancy phone club if I got a smart, expensive official cover? Possibly. The only thing for it was the polish my crochet hooks and make my own.

I wanted to create a more interesting feel and texture than the standard double crochet so I alternated treble and double crochet stitches, and then alternated these rows with rows of double crochet to give a textured look and feel. The fabric is quite thick and has a lovely soft 'sponginess' which would provide more protection if (read as "when") dropped.

The case is crocheted in one strip and then sewn up along the edges with the same yarn used to crochet.

It's not as uneven as it looks in the photos-I was just too lazy to press!

The flap is done in double crochet and I created a button hole. Unfortunately I didn't have a more interesting button than the plain cream one.

I'm thinking of experimenting with different stitches and making a bag and a cushion. Will see if I can track down some really nice yarn on eBay...


  1. I must find where my crochet hooks went and start to make little monsters again. But I have to admit that it was terribly difficult following crochet instructions in English.. Lucky enough, I got the book in Swedish from a friend so I could give away my English one to my sister that are way more talented in understanding those hieroglyphs. =)

  2. Do it! Crochet shorthand is not hard at all once you're used to it. Though to be honest it's far more fun, and I think easier in some ways, to just write your own pattern. Or, easier still, I don't follow any pattern and just crochet freehand. Sometimes I make mistakes and have to unravel-but I guess that's how you improve.