Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crochet Snowflakes and Gingerbread Dragons

Christmas has come and gone. I shall miss crocheting snowflakes and making gingerbread but I am starting to look forward to the New Year, another of my favourite times of the year.

Next year I hope I have time to crochet enough snowflakes to fill the whole tree. I much prefer a tree with every branch covered with individual, special decorations, rather than a neat set of mass-produced lights and baubles. I am definitely not a minimalist when it comes to decorating Christmas trees.

I also indulged in some Origami and made some lotus fold napkins for the Boxing Day table

I set aside a morning to make a gingerbread house but it was still rushed and sadly collapsed for a couple of reasons (thin icing and irregular walls). The garden of the house was to be filled with dragonsand I asked our resident artist (Ty) to draw a simple dragon outline on paper for me to use as a gingerbread stencil.

 (The dragons were out of the house at the time of the collapse and survived)

I'm not sure why it hasn't occured to me to make my own stencils in paper before. I'm glad I did work it out though and I have sooo many ideas for biscuits shapes. Next year I will try to do a gingerbread house again and hope it remains upright this time.

Now I'm thinking about all the things I want to do next year and making lists. I also hope for snowfall in the New Year, which always happened when I was a child. I'm not a huge fan of snow but a light dusting on the branches and berries always lifts the spirit a little at this time of year.

The snow shower which settled on the hydrangea for a mere couple of hours earlier this month

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and here's to a great New Year too!

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  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have actually got the Secret London book. Had some time but not got around to using it yet.

    I do like the crotchet snowflakes. Very different and artistic.