Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another Handmade Crochet Phone Cover

My friend's old iPhone had a smashed when he got a new phone I thought I'd crochet a cover for him in time for our annual Christmas Meal as a Secret Santa present. It was quite amusing to see his phone sitting in a sock on the table ("I'm scared it'll get scratched") before he realised he had a cover wrapped and waiting in the present bag.

I chose a blue flecked wool mix but did the flap and the contrasting seam (also in double crochet) in black.

The flap is straight-this is just pre-pressing so it's curled slightly.
Next time I will press my work properly!

I really like experimenting with different stitches, colours and edgings. Luckily Christmas has given me the chance to make some more covers as presents :)

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