Saturday, 14 April 2012

Plaited Clay Frame

I decided that my notice board looked rather empty and dull (I'm too disorganised to use it for its real purpose) so have started to decorate it. I made a little plaited frame from the polymer clay I've been using and painted it blue.

To continue the nautical theme I cross stitched a silvery grey anchor to go inside the frame.

The postcard was bought from a secondhand shop for 10p and is of a Finnish boat called The Fred. It was one of the last big wooden square-rigged sailing ships to be built.

I think they're far more interesting than letters reminding you of doctor's appointments and when your next bill is due.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I have to say i get great pleasure from going into the chairty shops and carboot sales and building up my home with all things vintage a history from the past. Your little picture is lovely and i like your mobile phone cover further down. Have a lovely week, dee x