Monday, 16 April 2012

My Favourite shop is now on Facebook!!

Now I can always keep an eye on Trash or Treasure!!/trashortreasuremaidstone

Pretty French coat bought for £15

There is a link to their eBay page but the prices on this do not match the prices I've seen in the shop. The shop prices are very reasonable, and it's not often you can say that about other shops which sell 'vintage' items. I'd say most items, with the exception of some furniture perhaps, are under £20 and the cutlery and glassware can be as little as a couple of pounds.

As you can see they sell everything from clothes, to bags, jewellery, cutlery, furniture etc...

They always have beautiful leather bags (usually for about £5) and there seems to be a reliable supply of beautiful elbow length lace gloves too (also about £5-7).  It's not all shabby chic style items for sale. One of the nicest things I ever saw was a Gothic-looking metal hat stand which I fell in love with but have nowehere to put. There are also some beautiful Victorian (style) jewellery pieces and cameos. So there's quite a good chance that most people would find a few things to their taste...

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