Sunday, 1 April 2012

Handmade Rose Stitched Necklace

I've been browsing on Etsy a lot in the last few days and have been disappointed by much of the jewellery on there. There are some amazing pieces but there is also a lot of single cheap charms, just hanging from a plain chain-and charging £15 for something that cost less than £1 and had very little thought put into it. Well, enough whining. My sister got me some pliers for Christmas and I have lots of random jewellery hanging around- a few bought findings and also some old necklaces I didn't mind ripping apart for a greater good :) It was time for action...

I'm very into cross stitch at the moment and envisaged a cross stitched rose in the centre of this pendant. I couldn't find any cross stitch motifs small enough to fit in the pendant so I had an attempt at doing my own rose bud. I hope it's a passable attempt-it's difficult to get enough detail into a few stitches to attempt to create what you see!

I think next time I will try to stitch/embroider onto another fabric, such as linen, as the aida holes are a little distracting. Next time...yes there will definitely be a next time. I loved making this necklace, which is very much my style.

I added some red glass beads to bring out the red of the rose. I think some bead caps (I only realised what they were today, even though I've seen them a million times before!) would have worked better than the spacer beads but my supplies are very limited-I'm sure eBay can rectify that. Jewellery making seems very popular s a hobby and it's not hard to see why. There are nearly endless beads, findings and charms and so forth available very cheaply on eBay. I hadn't realised jewellery making could be such an affordable hobby.

Charity shops will probably be a good bet for cheap inspiration and resources. Not that I need inspiration at the moment, it seems I've had a million and one ideas for jewellery today. If only my hands could work faster!

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