Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bird Necklace: a Late Night Date with Fimo

I used to love Fimo/Prima when I was younger but forgot about it for years until I found an aisle of it in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago. It's very cheap so I picked up a couple of blocks in case inspiration struck.

Last night I had an idea to make a pendant and ink the images of birds onto it.

The clay is called granite and is grey with little black iridiscent grains (which don't show up in the photos!). I cut the shape, added a stringing hole and baked it.

I used a bird ink stamp for the bird shapes. I had to go over them with a Sharpie as the ink wasn't drying. I finished the pendant with a coat of clear polish.

I was going to string it on a metal chain but decided it'd look better on a cord so reused some black waxed cord instead.

I love images of birds but most bird jewellery I've looked at on Etsy favours cute/cartoon images of birds which I'm not so fond of, so I'm glad I've now got a bird necklace with the images of birds I actually love :)

C'est tout and I have fallen in love with Fimo all over again, at 30 years old!

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