Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Unexpected Photographer

When I bought my DSLR on an inspired whim, I never thought that two years later I would be getting up to attend another wedding as a photographer. I never imagined that strangers would message me and ask me to take photographs or people I barely spoke to would tell me that my photographs make their day. Every kind word and compliment has been absorbed and built up my self belief. I never considered a photographer as a way to earn a living until the suggestion was given to me by countless people from all areas of my life. It wasn't my idea or dream. Yet here I am on another weekend dedicated to a photography project and I couldn't really be happier. I'm filled with the familiar buzz of excitement at the prospect of all the beauty, all the happiness, people, light, weather, food waiting to be frozen in time by my camera.

Dreams become reality. This is my reality becoming a dream. I know I have a lot of work to do to improve my photography, to become somebody who can direct a group of people and a mood. I know I need to invest in some professional equipment; but this is my start and from here I am only looking forward.

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