Saturday, 4 February 2012

Crocheted Bracelet

The threat of snow has loomed over the weekend and turned my plans upside down. So I've stayed in and experimented with some crochet ideas. I've been thinking about ways crochet could be used to make jewellery.

The first idea is to use a very extended treble crochet stitch to make a bracelet. The yarn has been wrapped around the hook 4 times to create tall stitches. The bracelet is fastened with a plaited tie. Originally I had planned to thread some beads on but I think this yarn is so incredibly beautiful I decided to leave it as it is.

This particular yarn is called 'Salty Seadog' and was hand dyed by a couple in Pembrokeshire, Wales. They use the seas and skies to inspire their colours and only small batches of each yarn are dyed each time meaning each hank is of the highest quality and a one off. Salty Seadog is a shimmery blue-grey yarn and is comprised of Blue Leicester Wool, silk and cashmere.

The snow has arrived in the valley. I look forward to experimenting some more...
Some photos:

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