Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mobile Cover For My Sister

Just before Christmas my sister requested a green phone cover.

A few days ago I had a free evening so I had a chance to crochet a cover for her.

I used my favourite basic crochet stitch-the half treble. It's quite a tall stitch but I think it still provides enough protection for a phone. I added a contrasting band for interest but just stuck to the basic stitch this time as I think the half treble rows are beautiful enough themselves,

The wooden button I got from a new craft shop in Maidstone called Sew a Good Yarn. They specialise in knitting and fabric supplies and also have an interesting selection of reasonably-priced buttons. The business was set up by C&H Fabrics staff who were made redundant when the Maidstone branch of the company closed. It's nice to see how they've turned a negative into a positive.

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