Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Own Personal Time Zone

I started off with setting my room's clock a few minutes fast, just to make sure I never got caught out.

The odd uncoordinated alarm setting, led to a few more minutes being added. Eventually, about 18 months ago, my clock was running ten minutes faster than any other clock in my life and in the last six months another minute has somehow been added.

I live eleven minutes in the future at home.

So why have I never bothered to change my clock to the correct time? At first, I kept meaning to but the laborious process of having to press the button 50-something times to reach the right minute meant that something else more important had a habit for cropping up whenever the thought that I should change my clock entered my head.

I grew to like the extra 10 minutes I 'created', even though I always deduct the 10 minutes in my head. Psychological I always feel a little ahead which, for somebody who is more likely to be running late than early, is very convenient. A lot can be done in ten minutes.

Only last week I considered the whole thing and decided it was rather silly. I haven't outwitted time, my clock is just set to the wrong time. In tune with the whole New Year vibe, I'm contemplating changing my clock to the correct time. Ok, perhaps that'll be a little shock to the system, so perhaps I'll allow is to tick a minute or two ahead. My routine is marked out by certain times which will have to be adjusted-leave the house at 7.17am (7.07), have dinner on my 7.10pm (7pm) and so forth-but I'm thinking that perhaps it's a small symbolic change that would be healthy.


  1. I used to have my clocks an hour fast for half the year because I couldn't be bothered to change them when the clocks went back. Of course, when they went forward again I had to go forward as well, because by then I had gotten used to subtracting an hour. Don't do that any more.

    I do still have my watch five minutes fast though. Although I can subtract the time, because it's analogue, it still gives me enough of an "oh, crap, is that the time" enough to be worthwhile.

  2. I think two or three minutes is the way forward. Tomorrow evening my clock will be changed