Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blue Bell Hill

Last Saturday was weatherwise one of those rare perfect winter days-blue-skied, sunny, still and cold. We made an impromptu decision to go to Blue Bell Hill for a promised spectacular sunset. We were not let down. We also explored a little meadow which I've seen in summer, full of wild flowers but only through the bus window. Hopefully I will have a car in time for the meadow's next bloom and I can take a trip there with my camera. With so many places to explore in Kent, and such a diverse landscape I often overlook Blue Bell Hill and its lovely views, a 5 minute car ride away, in favour of the coast and hills of the Weald. Sometimes you are so occupied scanning the horizon you don't always see what is right in front of you.

I am still without my laptop, which also renders me DSLRless by defunct. Instead I have been relying more and more on my iPhone as a promising camera in its own right. My phone's camera is not a gimmick or afterthought but a high quality, usable camera and I do wonder if eventually the 'point and shoot' will be supplanted by smartphones. I have installed a number of apps, including the hipstamatic camera, sepia and vintage effect programmes and also something called Instagram. I'm delighted with them all. The basic iPhone camera rivals my DSLR at close ups in good light. The others are good for creating a range of fun effects.

Below are a few photos taken with the various cameras and apps on my phone before the subzero temperatures made it uncomfortable to be outside:

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