Monday, 9 January 2012

Crochet + Taxidermy = Crochetdermy

When you think of crochet, you think of scarves, soft toys and the granny square. Have you ever thought of it as art? I hadn't until I saw these amazing crochet masterpieces by British crochet guru Shauna Richardson.

She uses standard crochet equipment-a 3mm hook, wool and mohair mix yarns. Each piece takes months to complete. As a newcomer to crochet I can hardly imagine the skill and patience required to execute these sculptures and attain the lifelike shape. I have now found a crochet artist who has inspired me to keep working on my crochet. Only through practice and perseverance will I improve. I will almost certainly never reach this high standard of crochet artistry-but I have been inspired and that is quite enough. Here are some more of her stunning animals:

(I think my iPhone has a way to go in understanding how to upload correctly to Blogger-apologies)

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