Tuesday, 22 November 2011

First Crocheted Soft Toy I Made for Toby

I had some yarn left over from the scarf I crocheted which I decided to use to make a soft toy rabbit for my nephew Toby.

I couldn't find a pattern I liked (most crochet rabbits I saw were in the Amigurami style which I'm not that fond of) so I decided to crochet without following a particular pattern. Sometimes it is actually easier, as long as you can time your increases and decreases fairly accurately. Sometimes I did and sometimes not-there was a fair amount of trial and error involved. Also I had only a certain amount of yarn and had to unravel a few times when I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete the rabbit. I This is only my second crochet project and I learnt an awful lot about crochet and shaping projects.

He's not symmetrical or perfect but he was made with love, sweat and the odd exasperated sigh.

"That's the first 'dog' I've seen with a moustache!" (My Dad)

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