Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Teresa Wentzler-embroidery artist

Definitely my very favourite embroidery artist.

She's not a secret to anybody who likes embroidery or cross stitch but for those with an aversion to needles or who are not in the know...

Teresa specialises in cross stitch and designs the most beautiful and ornate patterns. They are often fantasy-inspired and feature dragons, unicorns, fairies and such. Her designs are considered to be amongst the most challenging to stitch-I've heard stories of the larger, detailed works featuring fractional stiich and blended threads taking years and years to complete. A labour of love if there ever was.

A lovely pattern to celebrate autumn

Probably my favourite of her designs

I also love this one

I can't even imagine calculating how many hours of work went into this

A selection of her popular Celtic bookmarks

Her blog is here

Her patterns can be purchased at Patternsonline here

I am still working on my first own (significantly less impressive) cross stitch (actually I have about 3 on the go!) but here is a sneak preview of a couple of them in their ebryonic stage:

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