Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Nicest School Evening I've Had in a While

I came home, jumped straight in the bath as it was dusky outside, and after dozed for 10 minutes with my hair in a towel. Rejuvenated I went to the kitchen and chopped onions and garlic, mixed up some warm spices and made a delicious vegetarian chilli and rice dish. I looked through my holiday photos of Venice and dreamed of going back while eating biscuits for dessert. Hating to waste too much time online, I shut my laptop and sat on my bed crocheting a rabbit's body to old Incubus and Radiohead cds. Now I'm ready for bed, my lava lamp is on and and Morning View plays in the background. A collection of small nice things have made up the best evening I've had a in a while.

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