Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Found Love-Channel 4 on Demand

I've never been much of a television watcher-namely because 99.9% of the programmes aired are unquestionably terrible and because...well to be honest I think television is a bit of a waste of time. You can sit there watching television for three hours and gain nothing from it. I know there are good things on television, that I miss by not having a connected aerial...but most worthwhile things are available on DVD and every Chistmas, a boxset is inevitably top of my wishlist. I seldom feel I'm missing out.

Anyway, perhaps I feel a little less strongly about television being worthless after a friend started talking about a series called Kirstie's Homemade Home and sent me the link to watch the first episode. The show features Kirstie Allsop who has bought a house in Devon and decides to decorate and furnish her new house with as much homemade and locally produced items as possible. I have only watched one episode was absolutely wonderful. It wasn't a high brow documentary, or an award-winning drama but it was entertaining, informative and inspiring. I learnt a little about pottery, glass-blowing and the laws of taking things from skips...and that was just from the first episode. I dream of buying a house, of interior design and collecting beautiful things from charity shops (a habit I'm trying to suppress as I have no space).

I now give myself my complete permission to watch the whole series (on my laptop, rather than on a television) just for the sheer enjoyment and look forward to becoming a temporary couch potato with Kirstie Allsop.

Episode one:

Kirstie and Poppy-thank you!

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