Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Knotted Choker and Camera Withdrawal

I bought a couple of shell pendants in a sale and knotted some green cord to hang it form.

I've always really liked chokers and now my head is spinning with ideas for other choker ideas. Pay day was a week or so back so I bought a few things on eBay. It's amazing how vast the range of items for sale on eBay is.
I bought some antique gold coloured camera charms which I'm very excited about receiving. I think you can get a charm in just about every imaginable style so I'm tempted to put some themed bracelets together, even if they're already been done.

My camera battery has died on me. I miss it a lot but am grateful for my iPhone which is capable of producing some high quality and very interesting images.

This was taken in some woodland nearby. It doesn't look like it was taken in a heavily residential area, and it's a good reminder that there are photos to be had everywhere if you look closely enough.

A little blurred admittedly. Still, I like the whiteness and how it 'glows' in the grass.

With my camera out of action (hopefully temporarily) I will have lots of opportunities to exploit my iPhone and its potential.

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