Monday, 25 July 2011

365 Day project

At the beginning of January, I decided to take the 365 Day Project challenge. The challenge involves taking a photograph every day for a year. I have missed a few days over the months-challenge is definitely the right word. Some days, when I am out exploring,  it is easy to find a photo, sometimes I really feel I am scraping the bottom of the barrel. I go straight to work, return home, cook dinner, get ready for work again and go to bed. Alas that is simply how things sometimes are in the middle of the week and then it is difficult to find anything inspiring to photograph. Still, it is a part of my daily routine now and I think there will be a little void in my life once the project is complete.

I had a little hiatus in uploading while my laptop was being repaired but I am happily uploading on a daily basis again. I do have photos for many of the 'blank' days which I am trying to fill in as and when I can. I am also worried about inundating my friends' walls with 40 photos in one go!

Not being able to stick at something is one of my weaknesses but I'm determined to see the project right through to the end. For those who thought I may have let this fall by the wayside...I'm still very much in the challenge :)

Here is the link to my page.


  1. I've missed your photo of the day. Some days it's my only window of beauty. Wonderful that you're keeping it up!

  2. Well I'm glad of that so thank you. I'm doing the project for myself, although it is nice to know that one person at least is sort of following my attempts. I'm going to try to do less 'I've run out of time so I'll take a photo of my dinner again' photos. Try.